Brand Positioning and Design Thinking [Prezi]

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Our director of strategy Danielle Marquis was at the podium with a Prezi about Brand Positioning and Design Thinking at the 2017 Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) National Conference in Orlando, FL. This thought leadership presentation featured an overview of:

  • Elements of a Brand
  • Brand Equity Survey Guidelines
  • Brand Positioning
  • The Use of Rapid Prototyping to Test Positioning

AMCG to Attend 2017 MEEA Conference

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On February 22-24 AM Conservation Group will be exhibiting at the 2017 MEEA Conference in Chicago, Illinois at the Chicago Hilton & Towers. This is event brings together all energy stakeholders to raise awareness and reinforce the importance of energy efficiency in the Midwest.


7 Little Ways to Save Big on Your Energy Bill

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Brit + Co recently posted a lifestyle story titled 7 Little Ways to Save Big on Your Energy Bill and featured a useful energy saving tip from AM Conservation Group. This story is targeted towards millennials who are learning how to budget and save their money. While this information is beneficial for this age group, all ages can learn from the tips provided the article.


AMCG to Attend GreenBiz 17

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On February 14 - 16 AM Conservation Group will be exhibiting at GreenBiz 17 in Phoeniz, Arizona at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge. This is the premier annual event for sustainability leaders from the world's largest companies. The event offers a rich blend of presentations, workshops and networking opportunites. Attendees explore pressing challenges and emerging opportunities in sustainable business.


AMCG to Attend AESP 27th National Conference

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On Monday, February 13 AM Conservation Group will be exhibiting at booth #202 at the AESP's 27th National Conference in Orlando, Florida at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort. The conference draws the top program managers, policy makers, implementers, marketers, evaluators, consultants and vendors in energy efficiency. Highly regarded experts in their respective fields will lead over 30 sessions that will cover the range of current topics in marketing, tools and technology, implementation, program design, research, evaluation and more. 


The Benefits of Integrating & Communicating Purpose

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For businesses to stand out and thrive in today’s market, they need to have—and communicate—a discernable purpose. Many studies suggest that an altruistic purpose not only mobilizes employees, it also contributes to a company’s bottom line. The pursuit of purpose rivals the pursuit of profit in terms of importance, and both have become an essential aspect of businesses that purport to operate with conscience.

When a company organizes its mission around its purpose, it makes for a more authentic brand experience. It shifts the conversation from financial gain to “shared value,” meaning an approach that focuses on generating economic value in a way that creates value for society as well. To communicate this shared value, a company’s purpose has to be visible in every aspect of the work they do. It needs to be integrated in its products, services and organization. For example, our stated purpose is: To help all people use our world’s precious resources more efficiently. This statement is not just lip service. It has been woven through the fabric of our organization and reinforced from all possible angles, from marketing collateral to meetings.

Here are some tips for integrating your company’s purpose into the core of its strategy:


AM Conservation Group Named Second Fastest Growing Large Company in South Carolina

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AM Conservation Group, the nation’s leader in energy and water efficiency solutions, was honored as the second fastest growing large company in the state of South Carolina. Recognized by SC Biz News, the announcement was made at the annual Roaring Twenties Awards Ceremony at the Columbia Marriot in downtown Columbia.


AMCG Conservation Group’s New Warehouse

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A growing interest in conservation efforts on the part of individuals, municipalities, and utility companies alike has led to the growth of AM Conservation Group. Today, AM Conservation Group is a national leader in products and solutions for both water and energy conservation (not to mention one of the fastest growing South Carolina-based companies, according to SC Biz News).


Efficiency Programs for Low Income Areas

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To encourage progress toward advancing energy efficiency goals, the effort of promoting such initiatives must be a shared burden for everyone operating in the energy industry.


When is it Most Important to Conserve Energy?

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Electricity is measured in two ways, kilowatts (kW), and kilowatt hours (kWh). Superficially they may not seem very different, certainly not to your residential customers. Yet as stress on the grid in terms of kW increases, the differentiation becomes even more important for your customers to understand.