Importance of Timeliness in Digital Messaging

Posted by Alyssa Zingaro | 8/15/18 9:00 AM | 1 Comment

  • You’re researching online to compare options for a phone upgrade. Every time you open your laptop over the next few days, ads for the same phones catch your eye …
  • Or you’re shopping for hi-spec running shoes online, but when a friend calls with a favor you leave the site without clicking ‘buy’. Within an hour an email alert pops up with a friendly reminder that you’ve forgotten something …
  • Maybe your annoyance at discovering your flight’s been delayed is eased somewhat by a text from the airline just minutes later, offering a big apology and free wifi on a later flight. 

All these are examples of timely digital messaging—reaching customers at exactly the right moment in their value journey, with precisely the right stimulus, to help them engage with your brand in the ways you want.

For  years, marketers have used advanced data analytics to identify and target ideal customers, but the sheer proliferation of marketing messages now means that when you reach out is becoming just as vital as who you reach out to .  

Timely, relevant messaging is crucial for grabbing attention for the immediate purchase and for strengthening customer relationships and building your brand equity in the longer term. This means responding swiftly to specific customer behavior—for example, ‘abandoning cart’ without completing a smart thermostat purchase—and also to external triggers, like relevant news stories, outages or extreme weather warnings. 


AM Conservation Group to attend 2018 AESP Summer Conference

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AM Conservation Group will be exhibiting August 21-23, at the 2018 AESP Summer Conference, which will convene at The Hyatt Regency Indianapolis. This dual track conference will focus on Evaluation, Program Design and Implementation. With utilities facing many new challenges, this conference will share solutions, new ideas and how to tap into the power of new technologies.


Small Business Programs 2.0

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AM Conservation Group's director of marketing strategy, Danielle Marquis, will be presenting at the upcoming ACEEE Summer Study about an interesting pilot program aimed at meeting aggressive energy savings goals for a hard-to-reach sector, small business customers. This pilot program provides an opportunity for even the smallest businesses, or those in remote areas, to participate in an energy efficiency program.


New Massachusetts Legislation Will Help Consumers Find Energy-Efficient Homes

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A growing number of home buyers want their homes to be energy-efficient, but it’s not always easy for them to compare the efficiency of different homes.


Designing High-Converting Product Pages in Your Online Store

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To turn more website visitors into customers, it’s best to follow industry-recognized best practices for your online store product pages. Mastering these should increase your conversion rates.


2018 Trends for Your Online Store

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“If you build it, they will come,” may be true for baseball—but not for your online store. In the competitive and constantly changing world of e-commerce, overlooking new technologies and trends means your store will likely get more strike-outs than hits with customers.

E-commerce specialist BigCommerce talked with 31 e-commerce experts about what they’re focusing on in 2018. In some of these areas, utilities are already ahead of the game because they know who their customers are and how to reach them. But in other aspects, utilities could learn from online retailers in other fields.


5 Marketing Tips to Boost Online Store Sales

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Marketing plays a crucial role in the success of your online store. Without it, sales dwindle and growth stagnates. It doesn’t take long for online store owners to realize that they need to keep marketing if they want to keep their sales up.

The good news is, there are a ton of ways to market your online store. The bad news? Most of them are time-consuming. From being active on social media to running promotions—it can feel like a never-ending job. All it takes is a small lull in your marketing for sales to drop.


What are Plug Loads and Why Should I Care?

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As businesses increasingly monitor their energy usage, plug loads tend to be overlooked. And that’s a costly mistake, according to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Plug loads come from equipment that’s plugged into a standard 120V outlet. Some of the most common plug loads include computers, monitors, printers, copiers, telephones and task lighting. Coffeemakers and water coolers are other ongoing energy drains.


[Download] Real World Journey Mapping #AESP18

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AESP's Spring conference in Atlanta last week was a bit different than what we're used to. The program planning committee and staff designed the conference to be more interactive and engaging. Instead of PowerPoint, after service territory map, after "I know you can't see this image, but...," attendees were treated to Master Class sessions around a central theme, panel discussions on industry hot topics and interactive workshops. I remember attending workshops like this when I first joined AESP and I always found them interesting and liked that it helped to expand my network -- working together turns out to be a pretty great way to get to know someone. 


Easy Market Research for Your Online Store-Part 2: Reach more customers through market segmentation

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In the first part of this series, we discussed strategies for overall market research. In this post, we'll dive into how to better understand your customers, so you can market to them more effectively.

Online stores commonly make this mistake when marketing their energy and water efficient products: They assume that one marketing message, which they spent all this time and money developing, applies to their entire target market.