Rural Americans Face Unique Energy Costs and Challenges

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In urban and suburban areas, utility customers have multiple ways they can conserve power and save on their energy bills. They have a median energy burden of 3.3%. But this is not the case in rural areas. Americans in rural, low-income areas spend a higher percentage of their incomes on their energy bills, with a median energy burden of 4.4%, a number nearly three times higher than their urban counterparts.


Design Tips for Category and Product Pages

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An e-commerce site’s category pages are individual web pages grouped together based on a similar subject, such as water conservation products, energy efficient lighting, and conservation kits. Categories tend to be hierarchical, with an umbrella subject that then splits off to into even more specific pages.


Creating a Thriving E-Commerce Business

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Despite the solitary nature of online shopping, the steady rise of e-commerce is the click heard round the world. As the pace of shutting retail locations intensifies—the number of American retailers alone closing up shop has doubled this year—online shopping is picking up the slack.

While brick and mortar shops try to reinvent themselves, e-commerce business booms: Online shopping is predicted to grow 8 to 12 percent in 2017, up to three times higher than the growth rate of more traditional retail.


How To Design E-Commerce Sites for Mobile

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There can be no more dragging one’s feet toward the reign of mobile supremacy. According to 2016 CMO Council facts and stats, by the end of 2017, mobile commerce will be responsible for almost a quarter of the e-commerce sector’s total revenue. According to Cisco, by 2020, at least 80 percent of mobile data traffic will originate from mobile devices.


Best Practices for E-Commerce Homepage Design

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The e-commerce homepage is the digital equivalent of the physical storefront display in a brick-and-mortar store. Just as in a traditional storefront, you need to find visually appealing ways to draw your visitor in for business. If they don’t like what they see, they will reflexively hit the back button. A good homepage clearly identifies what you sell and includes a compelling call to action, such as “start saving now.”


Rural Co-ops Clean Up Their Power Mix

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Last year, for the first time ever, rural cooperative electric utilities saw more natural gas generation than coal generation. Meanwhile, 63 percent of rural co-ops’ capacity additions in 2016 were in renewable energy.

This and other data from the NRCEA’s July 2017 Electric Industry Generation, Capacity, and Market Outlook report show how dramatically rural co-ops have been cleaning up their power mix in the past few years.


A Streamlined Checkout Process Prevents Abandoned Carts

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The bane of e-commerce is shopping cart abandonment. The problem? Abandonment is not the exception—it’s the rule: In 2015, the average cart abandonment rate was roughly 70 percent, according to Barilliance, an e-commerce software firm.

Many factors play a role in why so many shoppers abandon their carts, not the least of which being that people simply don’t enjoy forking over money. The struggle is real. Note that after getting people to your site, the biggest hurdle is getting them to check out of it—with a completed purchase.


How to Use Content to Attract Customers to Your Online Store

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You’ve built your online store and it looks great, but now what? Many utilities and program implementers quickly realize that building a modern, optimized online store is only half the battle. How will you get people to shop there?

Running a successful online store means making it relevant. It requires a savvy content marketing strategy to create brand awareness, engagement and, eventually, conversion to product sales.


Converting Abandoned Shopping Carts Into Sales

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When you have an online store, getting customers to click “add to cart” is only half the battle. A whopping 67 percent of shopping carts are abandoned without ever making it through checkout.

For any e-commerce marketing plan, abandoned shopping carts represent a motherlode of missed opportunity—and a huge potential to increase sales. Think of shopping carts as low-hanging fruit, ripe for the picking: The customer has already acted on interest but hesitation has set in. Just remember that getting your clients over the hump is not as hard as getting them interested in the first place.


How Live Chat Can Increase Customer Engagement in Your Online Store

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Live chat can be a key strategy for boosting sales and retaining customers in your online store. The chat option offers a trifecta of benefits: enhanced customer experience, increased sales and improved operational efficiencies. It combines high-tech with old-school service—the intimate aspect of a one-on-one conversation coupled with the efficiency and convenience of a digital experience.

A website augmented with live chat differentiates itself by offering on-demand customized support without any of the negative association of a phone call. Still on the fence? Here are three reason live chat is a must-have feature for your ecommerce store.