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CEO Todd Recknagel Discusses Energy Efficiency with Phil Flynn

Earlier this month, AM Conservation Group’s CEO Todd Recknagel was featured on the PRICE Links Video series. The program is hosted by Phil Flynn, Senior Market Analyst from the PRICE Futures Group, a firm offering full service brokerage, asset management, online trading, and financial consulting service throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

This feature from the PRICE Links video series can be viewed below. Throughout the series, Phil interviews  some of the industry’s top analysts discussing the latest trends in various futures markets.

Real Energy Efficiency

On a particularly cold January morning in Chicago with the temperature hovering near a frigid 2 °C, Phil spoke with Todd about the energy industry in general. Specifically, the discussion was centered on how to achieve real energy efficiency in the U.S., especially when the cold weather temperatures can impact  energy bills that are typically seen during the winter time.

When asked how AM Conservation Group helps users lower their energy bills, Todd explained that the company “runs utility programs that actually help people” with their energy costs.

Energy Efficiency “Makes a Difference”

Phil observed that people may be annoyed when they hear the words “energy efficiency,” but added that “it really does make a difference in people lives.”

“That’s right,” Todd answered. “You can’t really control the weather, you can’t control commodity prices. But what you can do is bring in some energy efficiency into your home to bring down some of the energy costs.”

Todd highlighted AM Conservation Group’s energy saving capabilities and products, such as LED light bulbs, weather stripping, and high efficiency shower heads that conserve both water and energy. He also mentioned partnerships with utilities and municipalities to pass on energy savings to the consumer. By embracing these programs fully, consumers can expect to save 10-15% on energy costs.

Wider Energy Considerations

The conversation turned to natural gas, including the necessity for more energy pipelines—such as the Keystone XL pipeline. More natural gas is crucial, especially in the Northeast, where places like New York City are importing natural gas from the Gulf Coast. Phil even called natural gas “the future.”

Todd added that fracking is completely safe since it occurs so far below the surface. Combined with utilities efforts, he called energy efficiency a “win-win-win” for everyone.

Visit AM Conservation Group and learn how conservation products can help you save costs on your next energy bill.