Utilities can Abolish Energy Vampires by Inspiring Advanced Powerstrip Adoption Among Customers

Posted by AM Conservation Group on December 16, 2014

Utilities can Abolish Energy Vampires by Inspiring Advanced Powerstrip Adoption Among Customers

The electronics industry has taken over modern day society. These days, everything plugs in: Phone chargers, desktop computers, computer chargers, televisions, DVD players, gaming consoles. The list really is endless. Today, the average American household owns about 25 consumer electronic devises, and all of this energy use can add up quite fast, but not always in the way we imagine. What most utility customers don’t know is that, when a device is turned off but are still left plugged in, they still consume energy – becoming energy vampires. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy reports that energy vampires can be responsible for adding 10 percent more to a consumer’s monthly utility bill.

Energy vampires can most likely be found in the majority of homes and businesses across America. It’s not that utility customers want to waste energy, but oftentimes consumers don’t know that by just leaving electronic plugged in they are wasting energy. For utilities companies trying to cut costs and save energy, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do so is to first educate consumers about the energy vampires that are in their homes and places of business.

The Haunting Reality of Energy Vampires
Many consumers would probably be surprised to learn that on average, 12 percent of an American home’s total electricity usage is consumed by televisions, home entertainment systems (DVD players, gaming consoles, etc.) and home office devices (computers, laptops, printers, etc.). When looking at businesses, most places of business tend to be energy guzzlers, as well. Computers, printers, coffee makers, lighting fixtures, telephones, televisions and more all tend to be plugged in at all times, even after everyone has left the office for the night.

When this fact is communicated to consumers by their utility company, many consumers will become intrigued. However, when consumers also learn that an average home has more than 25 electronic devices in it, positive encouragement may not always be enough. When a consumer imagines going through one’s home or business each day to find and unplug each of these devices, it can seem like quite a hassle.  There is an easy solution to this problem: Energy-saving advanced powerstrips.

The Power of the Strip
These advanced powerstrips, in short, decrease the vampire load within each device. Advanced powerstrips have an easily accessible on/off button that with the turn of a switch, customers can completely turn off all of these devices without having to unplug each one of them individually. This added convenience can further encourage customers to decrease their home’s energy vampires, saving not only them money and energy, but utility companies too.

A home or business’ savings can vary depending on how many devices an individual place has as well as where they are located, but on average customers who invest in and utilize advanced powerstrips can save anywhere from 22.6 kWh to 112 kWh of energy with the average household saving 75 kWh.

Utilities Can Provide Advanced Powerstrips Directly to Consumers
Sometimes positive encouragement and demonstrating savings isn’t enough for some customers to adopt an energy efficient behavior, and because of this utilities are encouraged to go the extra mile to encourage energy-saving behaviors. Utilities can intervene by not only encouraging home and business owners to utilize powerstrips, but by providing them directly into the hands of consumers.

For utility companies that don’t have energy conservation programs in place, AM Conservation Group offers an assortment of unique and customizable conservation kits. By taking a closer look the types of technologies that offer the most savings to eliminate energy vampires, utility companies can develop cost-effective conservation kits that include advanced powerstrips among other products to increase savings in the home entertainment category. For utility companies that already have conservation programs in place, adding advanced powerstrips to the bundle of energy efficient products provided to customers can encourage even more energy savings.

Many times the deciding factor of if an individual will adopt energy efficient behaviors is at the point of purchase. However when utility companies purchase conservation kits in bulk from efficiency product providers like AM Conservation Group, they can provide energy efficient products directly into the hands of consumers, giving them no reason not to adopt the behaviors.  The distribution of these conservation kits by utilities can function as a catalyst to help get customers on board with utilizing energy efficient products.

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