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We Have a (Data-Driven) New Look!

Posted by Jamie Fiore

We really love data, and as a result, you may have been asked to participate in one of our Brand Equity Surveys. You may have also been wondering why we were asking so many questions about our company. The reason? We wanted to make sure our brand reflected who we are from the inside out, and we wanted it to be more than good looking, we wanted it to make sense.

Within the past year, the AM Conservation Group marketing team has been re-evaluating our current branding in order refresh our look in terms of both visual and emotional identity. Those surveys helped us gauge how you--our employees, partners and clients--perceive us. Perception is key when it comes to branding. In fact, it’s what makes up a company’s brand story. It tells us what we mean to our audience and how we help shape and make a difference in their lives.

After taking a hard look at the survey results, we were able to extract themes during the analysis to help us strengthen our brand. For example, we discovered that even though we are most well-known for our energy efficiency products, our water conservation products have strong brand awareness as well, and we’re now known for both equally. We also learned that our helpful, friendly staff and our warm, family-like atmosphere have helped shape our brand personality both inside and outside our company. Late last year, this information and more was leveraged by a cross-functional team to craft a single message and purpose that we wanted our company to stand for: To help all people use our world’s precious resources more efficiently.

After we had our purpose solidified, our marketing team decided that our logo should be modernized to better reflect our company. We have always been the go to source for energy efficient products, but after reading those survey results, we were reminded that we have grown to become so much more.

Our original logo is now almost 30 years old and was designed in house during the company’s infancy. The artwork conveyed that we are an energy efficient product company, but there wasn’t much to tell the emotional story. So, after much thought and input from our team, we decided it was time to retire the old logo.


Our marketing team consists of creatives that live all over the east coast. From upstate New York to Atlanta, Georgia, we all gathered in a conference room at our headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina to discuss the future of our brand. By the end, we left with a clearer vision and direction for our new brand.

At first we felt empowered and wanted to tear down that old branding and create something shiny and completely new. Don’t all creatives have that inclination?! We wanted the freedom to be artists and create whatever we wanted. One problem arose though—sometimes we all get nostalgic for our roots. After playing with some fun, completely new options, we as a team decided not to stray too far from the original, while still making it fresh and modern.

So it began. Sketch after sketch, and many nights of smudging layout paper with orange and blue pencil, we arrived at what we believe reflects who we are as a company. We played with having no icons at all, using lightning bolts, ocean waves, sunsets, shipping cartons, snowflakes, light bulbs, a tree and leaves…everything but the kitchen sink (which actually may have been a great idea too considering our line of work). We then arrived at the conclusion that it’s best to use the sun and a water drop.


The sun represents energy, warmth and nature. We rely on it to grow our food, make us happy and keep our ecosystem in check. It means the start of a new day, a bright future and promotes optimism. It was also a throwback to the original AM Conservation Group logo.

We used the water droplet to show the other side of our product spectrum. As many of our clients brought to our attention, we are known not just for our light bulbs and weatherstripping but for our very strong line of water conservation products as well. Water would also be the other vital source, or precious resource, that we are trying to help our customers conserve.

On the more emotional perspective of the new design, we really liked the idea of using a family concept. We decided to literally marry the two resources, sun and water, together under one icon for the brand using interlocking rings to portray this relationship. The A and the M also meld into each other to reiterate the melding of these two resources and also our sibling companies and brands, such as Service Concepts, Niagara Conservation and Simply Conserve, that we work with under the AM Conservation Group umbrella.

We had our main elements of the logo now. We all agreed that the overall look of the logo was to remain bold and strong to stand out from our competitors but needed to also look open, warm and friendly. We eliminated the sharp unfriendly triangular shapes of the older logo’s sun rays and used softer shaped rays bursting from the middle of the sun. This starburst affect also lent the logo a feeling of motion and energy to signify our ever-growing brand and what we feel are limitless possibilities.


We wanted to keep our original orange and blue colors for the brand, although this time around, we would focus more on the orange color. The color orange represents energy, optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, adventure, agreeability and friendliness. And it helps us to stand out from our competitors.

After all of this hard work we are very excited to show off our new look. In the upcoming months we will continue to update our marketing materials and company collateral. Keep on the lookout!

AM Conservation Logo 5_4_17_OL.png

If you have used AM Conservation logo in any of your marketing materials, please assist us in updating them by requesting an updated logo file. If you need to request the file, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, the AM Conservation Group Creative Lead, Jamie Fiore at