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The Next Generation of Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation


Change is best made from the ground up. That’s why we design programs to educate our youngest citizens on the importance of energy and water conservation and efficiency.

Through our K-12 education programs, we pair expert-designed lesson plans with easy-to-install energy efficiency and water conservation products. And we're pushing the innovation envelope with app-based educational games, online education options and more. When children bring our kits—and their new enthusiasm—home, entire families are engaged in the benefits of conservation. And when parents see the immediate energy savings these products provide, they become advocates themselves.

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Exciting New Adventures

EarthWise Adventure™

EarthWise Adventure™ targets your residential customers with a thought-provoking, blended education program that helps households save both energy and water. Our industry-leading behavior-changing education methods serve as the cornerstone of this digital delivery program that engages students while reaching their families with utility messaging and vital energy efficiency opportunities. Designed to be a cost-effective, seamless experience for both you and your customers, this technology-driven program will meet your goals and budgetary needs.

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EarthWise Adventure™ includes a combination of self-paced, student-driven lessons and activities, allowing students an individualized energy education that fits their unique learning capabilities. When coupled with an optional kit filled with energy-efficiency measures, the program provides defensible energy-saving opportunities.

Recommended as an educational distancing program to engage your customers during the COVID-19 crisis

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Bringing Energy Efficiency Home


The right measures coupled with in-classroom education can make a world of difference when it comes to savings. With this engaging and comprehensive approach to all-inclusive efficiency education, we deliver the numbers your portfolio needs, and the savings your customers can’t afford to do without.

LivingWise™ generates electric, water and gas savings through a combination of energy-efficient and water conservation measures. Couple these savings with the behavior changes families make as a result of the program, and it’s easy to see how we can help you make a big impact. With a unique combination of measures, LivingWise™ provides the perfect opportunity to implement a co-sponsored program between electric, gas and water utilities.





We're is bringing water conservation education to a neighborhood near you. With WaterWise™, we can help you deliver hands-on water conservation education to your residential customers, one classroom at a time. Gallon-per-gallon, no one delivers savings more efficiently.

WaterWise™ encourages water conservation and savings through in-class lessons, coupled with at-home installation of high-efficiency, indoor water devices. Participants gain a practical understanding of how much their individual actions can influence their household’s monthly savings. This program can be scaled to serve both large and small service territories.



WaterWise Kit Items


Outdoor WaterWise™

AM Conservation Group is bringing efficiency education to the great outdoors. With a long-standing history of success designing and implementing high-quality efficiency education programs, we have taken our proven methods and are applying them to a unique outdoor water conservation program.

Outdoor WaterWise™ is a refreshing example of the value we provide throughout our family of Measure-Based Education® programs. We partnered with TORO® to provide the highest quality of water conservation products, and have combined these high-efficiency measures with our proprietary education method.

Up to 60% of household water use is consumed in the yard. Give your customers a program that will allow them to generate meaningful savings on their monthly bills, as well as increase your utility’s bank of available resources. With our Outdoor WaterWise™ program added to your portfolio, your utility’s water conservation efforts are guaranteed to create a lasting impact.



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Our FutureWise™ high school program reaches tomorrow’s customers, leveraging behavior-changing education to create both immediate and lasting savings, while seeking to encourage the installation of energy-efficiency measures in households throughout your service territory. The program incorporates energy-founded classroom curriculum and a bilateral home audit, inspiring families to adopt new resource usage habits.

Educational content analyzes the connection between energy and water, using the Socratic Method of Discovery. The program incorporates a rich workforce development and career exploration component, presenting opportunities in the Green Economy Sector and other STEM careers. Students are led through an online exploration of career analysis and readiness, to receive education on goal setting and exposure to action-oriented timelines for success.



What sets us apart

Our education solutions cultivate energy- and water-literate households.

  • Fully Customized. We're here to make you look good. Which is why your brand is front and center and the curriculum is personalized to reflect content relevant to your service territory.
  • Award-Winning. Our education programs have earned awards in energy innovation, corporate excellence and more from organizations like ACEEE, AESP and APPA.
  • Innovative. Regulations, technology and customer needs are constantly changing - and we're changing with them. We're driving innovation and ensuring our programs are always relevant.
  • Brand-Building. As a gateway to deeper engagement, our education programs build awareness of our brand and your demand side management programs. The result? Authentic connection with more loyal, satisfied customers.
  • Standards-Based. We make teachers’ jobs easier with K-12 energy curriculum that is aligned with state learning standards in math, English, language arts and science. All curriculum is grade-level appropriate.
  • Cost-Effective. Staying on budget is key to any successful energy education program. Our extensive buying power means competitive pricing on quality products and materials. And we pass those savings along to you, our client.

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