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The fun way to save energy & water


Kit programs have never been easier.

Kit programs are basically the best. Utilities achieve energy savings, and customers get a cool box with fun energy- and water-savers. But there's a catch: customers don't always understand how this process works, so they don't participate.

Speak their language with KitPick™.


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How Does it Work?


1. Qualification. We don't do tricky enrollment around here. All a customer has to do is use a widget powered by Google Maps to verify their address in a few quick clicks.


2. Personalization. Customers take a short and easy quiz about their home and energy preferences. Answers seem simple, but we're gathering the data into a useful customer profile on the back end.


3. Education. After the quiz, customers are presented with a "custom box" that's really one of several pre-set options your utility has set up. (That's the secret to quick fulfillment.) They'll get to explore their box contents and learn more.


4. Add-Ons. Before shipment, they have the option to order additional energy-saving products or even health products like face masks and hand sanitizer (not sure if you've heard, but those are kind of important right now).


5. Delivery. The most beautiful box your customer has ever seen is shipped straight to their door. It's filled with their products, energy-saving tips, and installation instructions. Oh, and they can find installation videos and gifs online, too. Or just text us with questions.


6. Verification. We'll send a short survey (via both email and text because people are always on the move and can be hard to reach) asking which products customers have installed. We even include a Net-Promoter Score®  survey to make sure they're happy with their experience.

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Utility Benefits

KitPick Dynamic Interface


Offer KitPick™ as a standalone program, add it to your existing energy audits, or incorporate it into education programs.


Scalability & Cost-Effectiveness

This turn-key portal can be quickly deployed in 45 days or less without losing the bulk pricing that makes kit programs so cost-effective.

KitPick Personalize Experience

High Installation Rates

By providing text, gif and video instructions for installation, we eliminate the guesswork that typically comes with self-service product installation.

KitPick Lasting Verified Savings

Lasting Verified Savings

The portal nurtures customers to generate additional savings through add-on products and cross-program promotion.

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