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The fun way to save energy & water


Kit programs have never been easier.

Kit programs are basically the best. Utilities achieve energy savings, and customers get a cool box with fun energy- and water-savers. But there's a catch: customers don't always understand how this process works, so they don't participate.

Speak their language with KitPick™.


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How Does it Work?


1. Qualification. We don't do tricky enrollment around here. All a customer has to do is use a widget powered by Google Maps to verify their address in a few quick clicks.


2. Personalization. Customers take a short and easy quiz about their home and energy preferences. Answers seem simple, but we're gathering the data into a useful customer profile on the back end.


3. Education. After the quiz, customers are presented with a custom box that's either one of several pre-set options your utility has set up or a truly custom box. They'll get to explore their box contents and learn more.


4. Add-Ons. Before shipment, they have the option to order additional energy-saving products, smart home products or even health products like face masks and hand sanitizer (not sure if you've heard, but those are kind of important right now).


5. Delivery. A beautiful box is shipped straight to your customer's door. It's filled with their products, energy-saving tips, and installation instructions. Oh, and they can find installation videos and gifs online, too. Or just text us with questions. For even deeper long-term engagement, subscription boxes are also available.


6. Verification. We'll send a short survey (via both email and text because people are always on the move and can be hard to reach) asking which products customers have installed. We even include a Net-Promoter Score®  survey to make sure they're happy with their experience.

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Utility Benefits

KitPick Dynamic Interface


Offer KitPick™ as a standalone program, add it to your existing energy audits, or incorporate it into education programs.


Scalability & Cost-Effectiveness

Quickly deployed in 45 days or less, while remaining cost-effective.

KitPick Personalize Experience

High Installation Rates

By providing text, gif and video instructions for installation, we eliminate self-installation guesswork.

KitPick Lasting Verified Savings

Lasting Verified Savings

Nurtures customers to generate additional savings through add-on products, cross-program promotion and optional subscription models.

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