Municipality Water Conservation Education Packet

Enhance the Water Conservation Plan in Your Community with Our Education Packet


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Instituting an effective, straightforward water conservation plan that reaches your constituents is a challenging and important task. There are countless sources of information out there, and it’s critical to find the most accurate ones, while also keeping it simple and user-friendly.

With the Municipality Water Conservation Education Packet, you’ll have access to resources and tools that have already been created for you, taking much of the work and planning out of the process. You’ll find easy-to-use tools, such as:

  • A Drought Do’s and Don’ts Poster: An 11’ x 17’ poster that can easily be printed and shared
  • A “Water Conservation is a Year-Round Goal” eBlast: A pre-written email with invaluable tips on saving water that can be mass-emailed to everyone on your email list
  • Water Conservation Social Media Posts: 10 pre-written posts for multiple social media platforms
  • 15 Great Water Conservation Resources: 15 of our favorite online resources which can be shared with your constituents in multiple ways

This education packet will serve as an invaluable resource for reaching your community and getting everyone involved in water conservation efforts.

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