The Future of Solar Energy is Bright

But competition is stiff and customer acquisition costs are sky-high.

We can help.

By offering potential customers a free bundle of energy-efficient products ranging from LED light bulbs to Nest smart thermostats, you attract their attention and delight them with a gift while promoting energy savings every step of the way. 


Claim your free box!

We wouldn't expect you to commit to purchasing product bundles without first experiencing the delight of receiving your very own. This box is available for free to all qualifying solar installers. It contains:

  • Google Nest Smart Thermostat
  • Simply Conserve® Advanced Power Strip
  • 4-Pack of LED A19 Light Bulbs
  • Earth® Luxe Showerhead
  • Solar Power Bank
  • LED Night Light

On average, solar customer cancelation costs $2,500.

Offering a free product bundle upon installation completion is a simple yet effective way to keep customers engaged and reduce cancelation rates. 

Average solar customer acquisition cost is currently $3,898.

Drastically cut that cost while standing apart from competition by offering anything from energy-saving LED smart light bulbs to solar-charging power banks and more—all completely customized with your branding to fit your price point. 

So, who is AM Conservation Group?

We've spent the last 30 years serving customers across the nation by providing energy- and water-saving products to utility implementers, retail customers, contractors, and more. Our conservation bundle programs have helped countless utilities achieve their savings goals, and now we're helping solar installers boost their bottom lines while building deeper engagement with customers.

The MSRP value of this particular product kit is $190, but we can customize a wide selection of products to fit your specific price tag. We're currently serving clients all over the country, and here's what they had to say about our product bundle programs:


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