Benefits of Using Energy Savings Kits

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In today’s age of dwindling fossil fuels, energy efficiency becomes more important by the day.

Energy Savings Kits have proven to be an invaluable tool to that end, allowing utilities and their customers to meet and exceed energy savings goals while satisfying the requirements of energy efficiency incentive programs. Kits are versatile, flexible, and highly functional.

Benefits of Energy Savings Kits

While increasing energy efficiency practices in your customers’ homes and businesses in the short term is their primary purpose and a benefit in and of itself, these energy kits have a number of other benefits as well.

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Increased Participation

Effective implementation of an energy saving kit in a home or small business can lead to further efforts toward energy efficiency on the part of your customers. The products in these kits are generally inexpensive and easy for your customers to use or install.

Paired with easy to implement behavioral education programs, or offered as part of such a program, these kits will open the doors of energy efficiency practices to your customers. Follow-up is important, as well — you can mail your customers periodic energy use reports detailing the results of their efficiency efforts.

The products in the saving kits will help your customers increase their energy efficiency almost immediately; the self-elected behavioral changes they can engender will increase their energy efficiency even further.

Customer Outreach

Because of their simplicity, Energy Savings Kits make ideal tools for reaching out to customers in new or emerging markets. They can help establish your brand with new customers and can help bring to their attention other efficiency programs and opportunities. Ultimately, they can help improve customers’ view of their utility.

Customer Targeting

These savings kits are a valuable geography and demographic targeting tool. Rural areas are more difficult to access, so an energy saving program could expose those customers to products and information they were previously unaware of.

The same tactic can be used for multi-family homes, as an example, which generally have lower CFL and LED bulb adoption rates. Energy efficient lighting focused kits distributed to rental-dominated markets will help to increase CFL and LED use, and energy efficiency efforts as a whole, in those areas.


These kits are highly adaptable. As technologies improve, so can the savings you provide to your customer. A next-generation CFL or LED bulb can easily replace an older one in an offering. These benefits will never be made obsolete.

AM Conservation Group Energy Savings Kits

The Energy Saving Kits that AM Conservation Group facilitates and manage range from simple CFL or LED bulb package kits to the more complex, full-color box designed with your program materials. AMCG’s kits are fully customizable to suit your needs and requests. Follow the three simple steps below to begin building your kit:

  1. Kit2 Choose the energy and water conservation products you want to offer in your kit.
  2. Kit1Determine which packaging best displays your kit contents. 
  3. Kit3Customize your kit. AMCG will work with you to create custom labels and inserts that fit into your program theme, as well as adding your logo to products.

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