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05 Aug 2019

Objectives of the Smart Home

According to Value Walk, a news and opinion website that covers financ...

15 Jul 2019

Five Trends of the Smart Home 2.0

Smart homes still face the problems of subpar intelligence hampering f...

25 Jun 2019

Varieties of Smart Home Technology

The idea of a smart home is attractive for a number of reasons, includ...

03 Jun 2019

Barriers to Smart Home Technology Adoption

Although sales of smart home devices are ramping up, the daunting pros...

22 Apr 2019

4 Best Practices Utilities Can Use to Save Energy by Saving Water

Among the wide variety of factors that influence whether a water savin...

08 Apr 2019

3 Standout Water Savings Initiatives

Several programs have shown demonstrable, proactive thinking in their ...

25 Mar 2019

5 Key Criteria Essential for a Successful Water-Saving Energy Efficiency Program

In recent years, the relationship between water and energy, referred t...

05 Feb 2019

State-Led Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Standards

Appliance standards are a hot issue in our current energy efficiency l...

22 Jan 2019
Energy Efficiency | 3 min read

State Government–Led Energy Efficiency Initiatives

State government has enormous sway in advancing energy efficiency poli...

08 Jan 2019
Energy Efficiency | 3 min read

3 Ways Utilities are Successfully Advancing Energy Efficiency

In light of a recent UN report on climate change, the need for energy ...

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