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17 Feb 2020
Kit Programs | 2 min read

Disaster Preparedness for Utility Customers

There’s no avoiding the headlines about the recent spike in natural di...

26 Aug 2019
Kit Programs | 5 min read

Rules of Engagement

Customer engagement is not a new concept, but lately it has been a hot...

26 Sep 2018

Rural Americans Face Unique Energy Costs and Challenges

In urban and suburban areas, utility customers have multiple ways they...

23 May 2017
Kit Programs Marketing | 3 min read

Best Practices in EE & Water Conservation Kit Packaging Design

When it comes to designing successful packaging for any type of consum...

15 Mar 2017

Marketing Tips to Engage Students in Energy Efficiency Education

Teaching students about the benefits of energy efficiency gets the con...

04 Jan 2016

How Weatherization Kits Can Provide Energy Savings

Each year, winter sneaks into the homes and offices of people across t...

19 Mar 2015

Planning for Our Future: An Overview of AMCG’s K-12 Education Program

An energy efficiency school program educates children about the import...

05 Feb 2015

The Benefits of Energy Savings Kit Programs

Energy savings “kit” programs have been instrumental to utilities sinc...

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