Utilities Finding New Ways to Innovate the Grid

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With emerging technologies in the energy industry, utilities face increasing pressure to innovate and keep up with their customers’ expectations. Even utilities that haven’t traditionally been innovative are taking multipronged approaches to keep consumers happy now—and to keep them happy (and connected) into the future.


How Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation Can Impact Disaster Mitigation Efforts

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Devastating hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina have resulted in new disaster-mitigation efforts as communities rebuild buildings and infrastructure. The recent deluge of hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands also offer an opportunity to use state-of-the art strategies to improve rebuilt communities’ ability to withstand future natural disasters.

These resilience strategies include energy efficiency measures. According to a recent newsletter from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Policy Development & Research, materials and technologies that enhance buildings’ energy efficiency can also make them more durable and resilient to hurricanes and other natural disaster.


Increasing Energy Efficiency for Your Employees and Customers in a Good Economy

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Over the past few years, Americans’ energy-efficiency efforts have flatlined. In fact, a new report shows that in 2016, the majority of Americans didn’t do a single thing to improve their home energy efficiency.

Why? Because they don’t feel the financial pressure to do so.


How Weatherization Kits Can Provide Energy Savings

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Each year, winter sneaks into the homes and offices of people across the country with more vigor than the year before. As global climate change makes each season more extreme, customers should not find themselves underestimating the importance of weatherization.


Are Your Customers Prepared for Energy Increases This Winter?

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Energy use skyrockets during the winter season, leaving your customers struggling to find the most effective energy-saving solution.


How to Prepare for Extreme Weather

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The idea of global climate change is, by and large, no longer questioned. It is happening. But as science’s understanding of the phenomenon improves, there has been a change in nomenclature.


Happy Weatherization Day!

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Whether we are in an energy crisis or not, the idea that we can help conserve energy worldwide by making at-home improvements is not an outlandish one. Our primary energy sources are finite and aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly. Weatherization Day on October 30 provides yet another reminder that we can each do our part in our very own homes. It’s a day to celebrate, learn, and better our planet one home improvement at a time.


AM’s New Checklist Helps Reduce Summer Energy and Water Consumption

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Summer is officially in full swing! For energy providers, the arrival of summer signals an increase in homeowners’ energy and water use. Consumers are often unaware of some of the simple things they can do to save energy and water, thereby reducing utility bills.


Top 5 Tips for Saving Energy in the Summer

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As the summer months fast approach, it becomes very important to examine energy usage. The hottest days of the year are coming up, and although this provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and fun in warm weather, it also places tremendous drain on the energy grid. This demand translates to much higher than normal energy bills for most customers.