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    Written by AM Conservation Group
    on January 04, 2016

    Each year, winter sneaks into the homes and offices of people across the country with more vigor than the year before. As global climate change makes each season more extreme, customers should not find themselves underestimating the importance of weatherization.

    Weatherization, or protecting a home or office from the harsh conditions of the seasons, is critical to saving energy and improving quality of life. Fortunately, kits are available to make this process understandable, simple, and quick for everyday consumers. Kits exist to promote energy efficiency and supplement existing energy-saving programs.

    Weatherization kits can promote energy savings in a number of ways, including:

    Customer Outreach

    Targeting new markets and strategically segmenting your current customer base is a surefire way to introduce weatherization to groups that may not be familiar with its benefits.  Discerning yourself from other weatherization kit providers by penetrating previously underserved demographic groups will help you maintain your edge in an increasingly competitive energy market. It may also be smart to include add-on options for certain segments.Figure out who you’re trying to target: low-income families? Maybe you see value in educating the youth and planning visits to public schools.

    Customer Education

    Historically, customers react well to educational literature included in the materials they purchase. This is especially true for weatherization kits that include new technologies which they may not have encountered before. In-person education is also incomparably beneficial to customers.


    As previously stated, your customers and constituents may have little to no familiarity with weatherization kits. Providing AM Conservation Group efficiency education programs and other related services will go a long way toward teaching them about the importance of weatherization.

    Quality Assurance

    Installation should include proper documentation from program representatives so they and customers can work together to track successes. Additionally, providing customers with opportunities for feedback will be critical to the success of program. This is also a prime opportunity to use incentives such as AM Conservation Group’s direct installment program.

    The benefits of weatherization extend beyond an individual home or office. However, the shift towards energy efficiency always starts small. Help your constituents begin that shift by educating them on the sources of energy they use every day: download our Water-Energy Nexus eBook by clicking here or on the button below.

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