John Bailes

John Bailes is the president of AM Conservation Group. He sets corporate strategy and direction, models and sets our corporate values, builds and leads the senior executive team and allocates capital to the company's priorities. John has been with AM Conservation Group for over 10 years.
29 Jul 2019
News and Updates | 1 min read

AM Conservation Group Celebrates 30 Years of Service and Resource Conservation

Thirty years ago, the world looked a bit differently than it does now....

15 Jul 2019

Five Trends of the Smart Home 2.0

Smart homes still face the problems of subpar intelligence hampering f...

08 Jan 2019
Energy Efficiency | 3 min read

3 Ways Utilities are Successfully Advancing Energy Efficiency

In light of a recent UN report on climate change, the need for energy ...

10 Jan 2018

How Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation Can Impact Disaster Mitigation Efforts

Devastating hurricanes like Andrew and Katrina have resulted in new di...

07 Sep 2017

Intelligent Efficiency Technology: The Future of Energy-Efficient Products

When you marry technology to energy-saving initiatives, you get intell...

20 Jun 2017
Energy Efficiency | 2 min read

How is Energy Efficiency Rated?

  ENERGY STAR®, the voluntary labeling program that’s designed to iden...

01 Mar 2017

Why Utilities Should Promote Energy Efficiency: Addressing the problem of lost earnings and profit from energy efficiency programs

Traditional regulations do not give utilities much incentive to promot...

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