International Day of Light

Posted by Kyle Kichura on May 16, 2022

Several years ago, when I first wrote about the International Day of Light, I’m guessing many of you were not aware of this unique day. However, I’m hoping that maybe a few of you let your inner geeks out and at least remembered the topic!

2022 marks the 5th anniversary of May 16th being officially recognized as the International Day of Light, and I think this is a good time to reflect on some of the worldwide unity it has brought.


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It's no secret that the evolution of lighting technology continuously plays a big role in the energy efficiency realm. From generating to harnessing, very few technologies have seen the advancements that lighting has experienced over the past decade or so. Nevertheless, those advancements are firing up research into exactly how the electromagnetic spectrum interacts with us, our environments, our non-human partners, and even pandemic prevention, going well beyond the grid.

Lighting is ubiquitous and quite often, taken for granted. What we “see” is such a small portion of the spectrum, but we interact with so much more! From radio to microwaves, to UV and X-rays, light is the backbone of a significant number of our everyday tools. May 16th, 2022, is intended to be a pause and a reflection that the photon giving you the ability to read this just hit you at roughly 671,000,000 MPH.

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