Increasing Energy Efficiency for Your Employees and Customers in a Good Economy

Posted by Katie Webb | 11/6/17 11:36 AM | 0 Comments

Over the past few years, Americans’ energy-efficiency efforts have flatlined. In fact, a new report shows that in 2016, the majority of Americans didn’t do a single thing to improve their home energy efficiency.

Why? Because they don’t feel the financial pressure to do so.


How to Develop a Corporate Sustainability Policy

Posted by Yolanda Kopec | 7/25/17 10:18 AM | 0 Comments

Sustainability policies are increasingly becoming must-haves in today’s business environment. But developing your own policies can take valuable employee time, and hiring a consultant can be costly.

Using a corporate sustainability policy template can help alleviate these issues. While you’ll want to customize it to reflect the needs and philosophy of your own business, a standardized template can be a good starting point. Here’s an example from InfoComm International of what you can include in your company or municipality’s sustainability policy.


Engaging All Generations in Corporate Sustainability

Posted by Katie Webb | 3/8/17 10:15 AM | 0 Comments

Engaging employees of all generations in sustainability initiatives is something of a juggling act. It’s smart for companies to realize that while there are many drivers on which boomers, Generation X and millennials are aligned, there are also many places where they diverge. In 2015 millennials became the largest group in the workforce, making it all the more imperative to find the right approach to sustainability programming. In the current work landscape, there are three distinct generations, personalities and work ethics to cater to regarding corporate sustainability. Here’s our short primer on generational values.