Rural Americans Face Unique Energy Costs and Challenges

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In urban and suburban areas, utility customers have multiple ways they can conserve power and save on their energy bills. They have a median energy burden of 3.3%. But this is not the case in rural areas. Americans in rural, low-income areas spend a higher percentage of their incomes on their energy bills, with a median energy burden of 4.4%, a number nearly three times higher than their urban counterparts.


Best Practices in EE & Water Conservation Kit Packaging Design

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When it comes to designing successful packaging for any type of consumer product, there are a few tried-and-true rules: Use succinct, direct language; employ unique and eye-catching design; prioritize consistent and memorable branding; and clearly convey your product’s primary benefits without overburdening your target audience with excessive info.

But unlike crafting packaging for a salad dressing or multivitamin—items of which there are countless competing options for shoppers to choose from—energy efficiency kits typically stand alone. Utilities, conservation companies, and other similar organizations providing these kits have more than a couple of seconds to attract eyes. Thus, the trick becomes designing a package that’s enticing enough to pique potential users’ interest and prompt them to open the kits, examine their contents and implement them in their homes or workplaces.


Marketing Tips to Engage Students in Energy Efficiency Education

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Teaching students about the benefits of energy efficiency gets the conversation started early and is an effective bottom-up approach to educating entire families. These programs inform students and reach other members of the family with the ultimate goal of reducing household energy use. All of these energy efficiency education programs include energy (and sometimes water) education lessons and often come with “take home kits” that have free energy efficiency devices. For utilities, these programs provide a triple win: a cost effective way to generate energy savings, a means to become connected to the community in a tangible way and an act of generosity that generates goodwill with their customers.

Currently, 21 states have active utility-sponsored school-based energy education (EE) programs. The structure of the programs varies from a one-time presentation/workshop to an ongoing energy curriculum, and the content varies depending on the availability and access to take-home kits. The programs are most frequently targeted at fifth and sixth grades, with some programs working with a broader range of grades.

In order to get this demographic of students engaged—and on board—with EE education, you need to get their hands, hearts and minds involved. It is finding the right balance of these interrelated aspects that determines the students’ degree of engagement. Only hands-on activities but no cognitive understanding doesn’t cut it, nor does resonating with a student on an emotional level but not channeling that energy into a learning activity.


How Weatherization Kits Can Provide Energy Savings

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Each year, winter sneaks into the homes and offices of people across the country with more vigor than the year before. As global climate change makes each season more extreme, customers should not find themselves underestimating the importance of weatherization.


Benefits of Using Energy Savings Kits

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In today’s age of dwindling fossil fuels, energy efficiency becomes more important by the day.


Planning for Our Future: An Overview of AMCG’s K-12 Education Program

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An energy efficiency school program educates children about the importance of conserving resources in our day to day routines, and empowers them and their families to make simple behavioral changes. Bringing a message to them directly fosters awareness of energy and water efficiency  in a fun and innovative message. AM Conservation Group’s powerful educational curriculum offers schools and classrooms hands on learning activities, and the ability to customize the programs to meet the specific needs of any student.


The Benefits of Energy Savings Kit Programs

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Energy savings “kit” programs have been instrumental to utilities since their introduction in the 1990s. Since then, kit products have continued to evolve and respond to various updates and upgrades in technology and quality.