Living our Purpose - 2018 Community Service Project

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. on December 18, 2018

Each day, 1,200 kids enter the United States foster care system, and they're usually given a trash bag to carry their belongings in. We wanted to find a way to help, so we partnered with Together We Rise, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the way kids experience foster care in America. 

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Over the course of two days, the AM Conservation Group team came together to decorate and pack 120 "Sweet Cases" for local children entering the foster care system. The bags were packed with teddy bears, blankets, hygiene kits, coloring books, crayons, AM Conservation Group nightlights, toothbrushes, toothpaste and glow rings. Many stories were shared and tears were shed, because this was a service project that hit close to home for many of us.


In the end, 60 "Sweet Cases" went to The Bair Foundation, a foster care organization in Charleston, and 60 more went to the South Carolina Youth Advocate Program in North Charleston. A special thanks goes out to our amazing team, who selflessly came together during a busy time of the year, and joyfully worked to make these children feel special and loved. Together we rose, and helped preserve the dignity of one of our world's most precious resources.