Small Business Programs 2.0

Posted by Jill Blanton on August 10, 2018

AM Conservation Group's director of marketing strategy, Danielle Marquis, will be presenting at the upcoming ACEEE Summer Study about an interesting pilot program aimed at meeting aggressive energy savings goals for a hard-to-reach sector, small business customers. This pilot program provides an opportunity for even the smallest businesses, or those in remote areas, to participate in an energy efficiency program.


Consumers Energy, the largest utility in Michigan, worked with AM Conservation Group to develop a pilot program featuring an e-commerce marketplace for small business customers. The marketplace was designed to complement Consumers Energy's existing small business programs and provide a creative approach to program design to achieve targeted results. By following e-commerce and program marketing best practices, AM Conservation Group developed a marketing strategy for the marketplace that capitalized on the trend of consumers' preferences to shop online instead of at brick and mortar stores.

A white paper detailing the success of this pilot program will be shared at the upcoming ACEEE Summer Study. You can download the white paper by clicking here or on the button below.

CE White Paper Mockup

Download White Paper


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