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    Katie Webb

    At AM Conservation Group I work with corporations who are looking for a deeper way to engage employees on the topic of environmental awareness, water and energy efficiency. Often this leads to the development of a custom corporate-branded kit utilizing products from our 200+ catalog. These kits engage employees in meaningful behavioral changes at home and at work. Employee engagement is critical to a corporation's success. Just as critical is a company's ability to adapt to the evolving world we live in so that they are sustainable for many decades to come. While many small and large businesses have made excellent strides towards a more sustainable future they often experience a plateau when it comes to engaging their employees. AM Conservation Group has been working hand in hand with utilities for decades. Utilities come to us for our products and services and to develop conservation kits that are used to deepen the savings in behavioral-based energy savings programs. It is my mission to apply this same logic to the best brands and corporations of today. In addition, I am the force behind our brands, Simply Conserve and Niagara Conservation, in retail stores. There is a growing demand among consumers for high efficiency products and specifically our products because of their quality and the value they bring to the consumer. I work closely with retailers including Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, and Bed Bath and Beyond to bring more conservation products to their customers.
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