Danielle Marquis, Esq.

Danielle is the director of marketing strategy at AM Conservation Group. She leads branding, digital marketing, marketing product development and marketing strategy. She also leads the Marketing Product Management team tasked with developing marketing innovation and led the post-merger marketing integration. Danielle is currently serving her second three-year term on the Association of Energy Services Professionals Board of Directors, where she has been appointed Vice Chair of Education each year since 2014. She has served as an expert source on energy efficiency and water conservation topics for The Weather Channel, Forbes and Distributed Generation magazine, among many others.
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Living our Purpose - 2018 Community Service Project

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 12/18/18 9:50 AM | 0 Comments

Each day, 1,200 kids enter the United States foster care system, and they're usually given a trash bag to carry their belongings in. We wanted to find a way to help, so we partnered with Together We Rise, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the way kids experience foster care in America. 


Importance of Integrating Marketing Technology Platforms

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 8/22/18 9:00 AM | 0 Comments

Top-performing marketers in North America are 1.6 times more likely than those in poorly performing companies to prioritize integration of marketing and advertising technologies.


2018 Trends for Your Online Store

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 7/18/18 11:00 AM | 0 Comments

“If you build it, they will come,” may be true for baseball—but not for your online store. In the competitive and constantly changing world of e-commerce, overlooking new technologies and trends means your store will likely get more strike-outs than hits with customers.

E-commerce specialist BigCommerce talked with 31 e-commerce experts about what they’re focusing on in 2018. In some of these areas, utilities are already ahead of the game because they know who their customers are and how to reach them. But in other aspects, utilities could learn from online retailers in other fields.


[Download] Real World Journey Mapping #AESP18

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 6/27/18 11:00 AM | 0 Comments

AESP's Spring conference in Atlanta last week was a bit different than what we're used to. The program planning committee and staff designed the conference to be more interactive and engaging. Instead of PowerPoint, after service territory map, after "I know you can't see this image, but...," attendees were treated to Master Class sessions around a central theme, panel discussions on industry hot topics and interactive workshops. I remember attending workshops like this when I first joined AESP and I always found them interesting and liked that it helped to expand my network -- working together turns out to be a pretty great way to get to know someone. 


Behavioral-Based Market Testing Throughout the Customer Journey

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 5/9/18 11:00 AM | 0 Comments

Because our customers are human, they make predictable errors in judgment. If we, as marketers, can anticipate those errors at various points along the customer journey, we can devise marketing nudges- small, supposedly irrelevant, features in the environment that attract attention and influence behavior-that will improve results. The objective is to influence choices in a way that will make customers better off, as judged by themselves, by creating more customer-centric marketing.


How to Frame Marketing Experiments

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 3/20/18 11:00 AM | 0 Comments

The key to successful marketing experiments is allowing your team to fail fast and learn quickly, with a minimal amount of effort and expense. A minimum viable product (MVP), sometimes called a prototype, is the version of a marketing tactic that enables completion of a full learn-measure-build (LMB) loop with the minimum amount of effort and the least amount of development time.


What Do Millennials Want From Their Energy Providers?

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 3/15/18 11:00 AM | 0 Comments

As utilities become more customer-centric, one of the chief challenges is figuring out who those customers are and what they want from their energy providers.

Increasingly, those customers are millennials. The largest generation in U.S. history was born between 1982 and 1999, meaning almost all of them have reached adulthood and are establishing their own households—and utility bills.


Behavioral Economics + DSM Program Marketing = Improved Outcomes

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 2/27/18 11:00 AM | 0 Comments

A large amount of research in recent years shows that consumers make most of their decisions in life unconsciously. Yet in market research, we continuously ask people why they do what they do. A reporter once asked Steve Jobs how much market research went into development of the iPod. His response? "None. It isn't the consumers job to know what they want."


Is Your Company's Culture an Enemy to Innovation?

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 2/12/18 11:00 AM | 0 Comments

If your company is focused on products rather than customers, engineering versus design, and marketing rather than user experiences, you may be stifling innovation.

That’s the theory behind the design thinking process, which helps make new product development and customer service initiatives more successful. While design thinking has been around for half a century, it’s only become popular within the last decade.


Making Remote Work

Posted by Danielle Marquis, Esq. | 9/6/17 11:37 AM | 0 Comments

Our director of marketing strategy, Danielle Marquis, delivered a presentation titled "Making Remote Work" about managing employees who work remotely at the 2017 Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) Summer Conference in Toronto, Ontario. This Espresso Learning Shot presentation featured an overview of:

  • Industry workplace trends
  • Elements conductive to success
  • Opportunities created by working remotely
  • Challenges created by working remotely
  • How remote employees can work for your company